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What is the sandblasting process of the die-casting mold?

What is the sandblasting process of the die-casting mold
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Sandblasting is a technology that uses compressed air to directly blast the surface of the workpiece, and uses the strong impact of sand to remove defects and dirt on the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve cleaning and decoration. In the current die-casting molds, the general appearance requirements are relatively strict, and sandblasting processes are used to complete them.

In this process, we must pay attention to the stability of the spray gun walking speed and air pressure during sandblasting to ensure that the surface of the workpiece is evenly sanded; the pressure should not be too large to avoid damage to the workpiece; the die-casting part appears peeling after sandblasting If it is not scrapped directly, it can be polished and reblasted; it must be treated with alkali etching before sandblasting, which can effectively reduce sand pollution and ensure uniform sandblasting; sandblasting can reduce impact damage to aluminum castings; wet sandblasting The ratio of water to sand is controlled at 7:3; 10% bentonite should be added as a suspending agent to prevent sand from sinking to the bottom of the box; wet sandblasting pressure is too high, not suitable for thin pieces; if anodizing or chemical conversion is required after sandblasting Membrane treatment must be alkali-etched; after sandblasting, it must be protected. It is not suitable to be touched by hands. It must be packaged with clean paper.