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Molding CAD & CAM

Minghe provide the highest quality of die casting tooling, injection molds for automotive, non-automotive, medical, electronic, and consumer markets. We have the technological expertise and state-of-the-art machinery to produce all types of die casting tooling, injection molds, including standard 2 plate, 3 plate, hot runner, prototype, insert, and cutting-edge gas assist molds.

✧ Services offered at Minghe include:

  • Design / Engineering
  • Production die casting tooling, injection molds
  • Prototype die casting tooling, injection molds
  • Engineering Changes
  • Program Management and Repairs
  • Logistics for Mold Delivery

✧ We have CAD / CAM / CAE system, using the following advanced software for design and engineering:

  • Pro / Engineer / SolidWorks / Unigraphics (3D modeling)
  • AutoCAD (2D modeling)
  • CATIA (3D modeling)
  • MasterCAM (CNC programming)
  • Mold flow analysis ( Anycasting injection simulation/deformation simulation)
  • Minghe has specialized departments in mold design, development, engineering, and logistics & delivery.

Each of these departments is expertly managed to ensure that all molds are custom built according to customer specifications.

We are the professional Pressure Die Casting, aluminum pressure die casting, Low pressure die casting tooling, injection molds in China.