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Application of industrial 3D printing equipment

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In fact, the application field of industrial 3D printing equipment is wider than that of ordinary printers. It can print content that can be printed by ordinary printers, and can also print content that can not be printed by ordinary printers. Let us briefly talk about its application areas.

  • 1. Industrial manufacturing: product concept design, prototyping, product review, functional verification; making mold prototypes or directly printing molds, directly printing products. 3D printed small drones, small cars and other concept products have already come out. 3D printed household appliances models are also used in company publicity and marketing activities.
  • 2. Cultural creativity and digital entertainment: artistic expression carriers with complex shapes and structures and special materials. The science fiction movie “Avatar” uses 3D printing to create some characters and props. The 3D printed violin is close to the level of craftsmanship.
  • 3. Aerospace, defense and military industries: Directly manufacture parts and mechanisms with complex shapes, fine dimensions and special performance.
  • 4. Biomedicine: artificial bones, teeth, hearing aids, artificial limbs, etc.
  • 5. Consumer goods: design and manufacture of jewelry, clothing, footwear, toys, creative DIY works.
  • 6. Building engineering: building model wind test and effect display, building engineering and construction (AEC) simulation.
  • 7. Education: Models verify scientific hypotheses and are used in experiments and teaching in different disciplines. In some middle schools, universities and military colleges in the United States, 3D printers have been used for teaching and scientific research.
  • 8. Food industry: Researchers are already trying to print chicken fillets, steaks, etc. Perhaps in the near future, many foods that look exactly the same will be “printed” with food 3D printers. Of course, by then, artificial food may be many times more expensive.
  • 9. Personalized customization: web-based data download, e-commerce personalized printing customization service.