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What are the problems caused by the production of die-casting molds?

What are the problems caused by the production of die-casting molds
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Now in the production process of die-casting mold, die-casting mold is a very important equipment, so when designing die-casting mold, we must pay attention to related issues, so as not to cause problems in the production of die-casting mold.

1. In die casting mold design, flow design is also very important. If the fluidity in the design is not very good, it is easy to cause product deformation;

2. The choice of die-casting mold is the basis of die-casting mold design, which is very important. Generally, domestic die-casting steel is difficult to adjust after tempering. Therefore, high-quality zinc alloy die-casting distributors generally use imported 8407 die-casting steel;

4. The basic principle of the design of the guide rail slider is the same as that of the insert design. If the design plan is not scientific, many sides will be broken.

5. The plug-in design scheme is also very important. If the design of the insert is not very good, many edges will be broken after the product is formed, which will cause harm to the later production and processing of the product;

6. The rationalization of mold core and mold blank design and the convenience of processing and manufacturing are also detrimental to mold production. The effective design plan will make the zinc alloy die-casting mold processing more smoothly and guarantee the product quality.