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What are the manufacturing steps of die-casting molds?

What are the manufacturing steps of die-casting molds
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What is the manufacturing process of die-casting molds? This is a question we need to think about, so what is the specific situation? Let’s take a look together below.

1. Acquire Die-casting Information: Obtain the relevant information of die-casting parts before mold design, including design drawings, dimensions, tolerances, and part specifications of the die-casting parts. Only after obtaining complete die-casting information can a suitable die-casting mold be designed.

Second, determine the structure of the die-casting: judge whether it can be put into production according to the material and structure of the die-casting. If an unreasonable casting structure is found, communicate with the customer before modification.

3. Clarify mold design: clarify the structure of parts, the structure of core-pulling organization, etc.

Fourth, select the heat treatment method and check the production parameters.