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The flying material problem of die casting mold

The flying material problem of die casting mold
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During the production process of die-casting molds, there will be a situation of flying materials, so what is the reason for this situation? How should it be avoided? Let’s take a look at the method to solve the flying material under the die-casting mold.

1. The mold adjustment is not well adjusted, and the die-casting mold is not locked. Solution: Re-adjust the clamping force.

2. The hinge part of the machine is severely worn, which reduces the clamping force of the template. Solution: Replace or repair some parts of the severely worn machine hinge.

3. The die-casting mold itself has poor parallelism or the mold is severely worn and deformed after repeated use. Solution: Repair the die-casting mold.

4. The parallelism between the movable and fixed seat plates is not adjusted well or there is deviation after use. Solution: re-adjust and finalize the parallelism between the seat plates to meet the requirements.

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone already knows the method of die-casting mold to solve the flying material.