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The cutting fluid used in the finishing of die castings

The cutting fluid used in the finishing of die castings
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die casting finishing includes machining and surface treatment. Machining includes drilling, tapping, milling, etc. Surface treatment includes electroplating, passivation, anodizing, electrophoresis, powder spraying, painting, etc. The choice of cutting fluid is related to the processing quality of die-cast aluminum alloy parts. The problems in the use of cutting fluid are one of the main causes of industrial waste.

Cutting fluid for finishing die casting

QA: What are the main problems encountered in the selection or use of cutting fluid in the workshop?

1. It is difficult to find a cutting fluid suitable for the processing requirements of various aluminum alloy die castings;

2. Die castings such as ADC12 are prone to corrosion and mold;

3. Aluminum alloy die castings with extremely high finish requirements are prone to broken blades and taps;

4. The cutting fluid has a short service life and cycle, and is easy to smell, which affects the working environment;

5. The finishing workshop of the die-casting industry uses a large amount of oil and the overall cost cannot be reduced.

In case of the above-mentioned problems, it is recommended to use the environmentally friendly SF18/BF811. Refined mineral oil and synthetic ester formula system, excellent lubricating extreme pressure, can meet the requirements of various materials and processing procedures, and can completely replace oil-based cutting oil products.

Cutting fluid

High-quality oxidation resistance, rust resistance, and foam resistance make the environmentally friendly cutting fluid SF18/BF811 meet the priority requirements for cutting fluid selection for die casting processing.

▪Unique anti-corrosion inhibitor for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and copper alloy, which will not cause problems such as corrosion, discoloration and mildew of die-cast aluminum alloy and formed aluminum alloy bars and plates during the process.

▪ The content of rust inhibitor is balanced, the PH value is stable, and it provides 7-15 days of low requirement for rust prevention between processes.

▪ Micro-emulsification unique anti-foaming formula system with good anti-foaming performance. It is very suitable for CNC horizontal feeding of non-woven fabrics with pressurizing device and processing conditions of high pressurized oil pumps up to 7.5 Pa. There is no foam overflow.

The environmentally friendly cutting fluid SF18/BF811 does not contain chlorine, nitrite, phenol, silicon additives and heavy metal substances. The product fully complies with the EU ROHS environmental protection standards; water-based environmental protection formula, low PH value, does not hurt hands, does not irritate the skin ; Low volatility, no chemical substances, no irritation to human breathing and oral cavity, providing a good working environment for workers.

The environmental protection cutting fluid SF18/BF811 formula system has high oil content and can be diluted 1:10-25 with water. It can replace low-viscosity oil-based cutting oil or kerosene processing, thereby reducing the cost of cutting fluid for enterprise customers!