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Moldy situation of aluminum die-casting mold

Moldy situation of aluminum die-casting mold
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During the use of aluminum die-casting molds, moldy occurs in aluminum die-casting molds. So do you know what causes this situation? Let’s take a look at the causes of mildew in aluminum die-casting molds.

1. Elements of the external environment. Aluminum is a vivid metal, and it is very easy to oxidize and turn black or mold under certain temperature and humidity conditions. This is the choice of aluminum itself.

2. Then there is the internal element of itself. Many manufacturers do not do any cleaning after die-casting and machining processes, or simply flush with water, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned. There are corrosive substances such as release agent, cutting fluid, saponification fluid, and other stains on the surface of die-cast aluminum. , These speed up the mold growth of aluminum alloy die castings;

3. Unreasonable process planning. Improper handling of aluminum alloy die-casting parts after cleaning or pressure inspection creates clear conditions for moldy aluminum alloy die-casting parts and accelerates the formation of mildew

4. The cleaning agent should not be used properly. Cleaning is highly corrosive, forming corrosion and oxidation of die-cast aluminum.

5. Storage processing is not in place. When the warehouse is stored at different heights, the mold will be different.