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Flatness of aluminum die-casting mold

Flatness of aluminum die-casting mold
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In the use of aluminum die-casting molds, in order to make aluminum die-casting molds better, we need to use some methods to improve the flatness of aluminum die-casting molds, so what methods will be used?

1. During the machining process, prevent macro defects such as knife marks, interlayers, cracks, and impact scars on the surface of the mold working parts. The existence of these defects will cause stress concentration and become the root cause of fracture and cause early failure of the mold;

2. During the processing of mold working parts, it is necessary to prevent the phenomenon of grinding and burning the surface of the parts, and the grinding process conditions and process methods (such as grinding wheel hardness, particle size, coolant, feed rate and other parameters) should be strictly controlled;

3. Using grinding, lapping and polishing and other finishing and fine processing to obtain a smaller surface roughness value and improve the service life of the mold.

Through the above content, I believe everyone already knows how to improve the flatness of aluminum die-casting molds.