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Design principles that need to be paid attention to when processing hardware precision stamping parts

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Design principles that need to be paid attention to when processing hardware precision stamping china

  • 1. The designed hardware precision stamping parts must meet the product usage and technical functions, and be easy to assemble and repair.
  • 2. The designed stamping parts must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, and reducing the cost of materials as much as possible. Use low-cost materials under permissible environments, and make the parts as waste-free and waste-less as possible.
  • 3. The designed stamping parts must be simple in style and reasonable in layout in order to simplify the layout of the mold and simplify the number of processes, that is, use very few and very simple stamping processes to achieve all parts processing, reduce the use of other techniques to process, and help The stamping operation facilitates the realization of mechanized and automated production in order to improve labor productivity.
  • 4. The designed stamping parts can be used in the normal environment of the tube, although the dimensional accuracy level and surface roughness level are slightly lower, and it is conducive to product exchange, reducing waste, and ensuring stable product quality.
  • 5. The designed stamping parts should be conducive to the use of existing equipment, process equipment and process flow as much as possible to process them, and is conducive to the extension of the service life of the die.

The hardness test of hardware precision stamping parts processing adopts Rockwell hardness tester. Small stamping parts with complex patterns can be used to test the plane is very small, can not be tested on the ordinary desktop Rockwell hardness tester.

The processing of metal precision stamping parts includes punching, winding, deep drawing, forming, CNC machining and finishing. The processing material of hardware precision stamping parts is mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal sheet and strip materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and Copper alloy plates, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, etc.

The PHP series portable surface Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of these stamping parts. Metal precision stamping parts processing are very commonly used parts for metal processing and machine production platforms. Hardware precision stamping parts processing is a processing technique that uses molds to separate or form metal strips. Its use limit is very broad.

The main purpose of the hardness inspection of the materials of precision metal stamping parts is to determine whether the annealing degree of the purchased metal sheets is suitable for the subsequent stamping parts processing. Different types of stamping parts processing technology require different hardness grades of other plates. The aluminum alloy plate used for the processing of hardware precision stamping parts can be tested with a Webster hardness tester. When the thickness of the material is greater than 13 mm, the Barcol hardness tester can be used. The pure aluminum plate or the low hardness aluminum alloy plate should use the Barcol hardness tester.