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Common problems of die casting molds

Common problems of die casting molds
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In the process of using die-casting molds, there are some common problems with die-casting molds, so what are the problems? Let’s take a look at the common problems of die-casting molds.

1. The die-casting plant repairs and changes the aluminum die-casting mold, repairs and changes the pouring system, strengthens the internal pouring port, increases the installation of overflow grooves, exhaust gas grooves, etc.

2. Clean the parting surface, clean the cavity, clean the top lever; change the coating material, improve the spraying technology; strengthen the clamping ability, and strengthen the weight of the cast metal. These are some aluminum alloy die-casting methods that can be implemented with simple manipulation.

3. Replace the principle, select high-quality aluminum alloy ingot material, improve the ratio of the new principle to the reflow principle, and improve the smelting processing skills.

4. Adjust the parameters of processing technology, injection capacity, injection speed, time to fill the mold, time to open the mold, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.